I want to distribute a Japanese tale overseas:(Kaguyahime) Princess Kaguya






One day, an old man known as the Bamboo Cutter finds a shining bamboo stalk. When he cuts it open, he discovers a beautiful small woman inside. The old man and his wife, who had no children, decide to adopt her and name her Kaguya-hime.

As time passes, Kaguya-hime grows up to be incredibly beautiful. Her beauty becomes well-known, and many men appear wanting to marry her. However, Kaguya-hime presents five suitors with difficult challenges to test their abilities, but none of them succeed.

Later, the Emperor of Japan also becomes attracted to Kaguya-hime and desires to marry her, but she rejects his offer as well. Eventually, Kaguya-hime confesses that she comes from the Moon Capital and reveals that her stay on Earth was only temporary.

As the day when envoys from the Moon Capital arrive to take Kaguya-hime approaches, she reluctantly prepares to return to the moon while bidding farewell to the people she has grown close to. When the day comes, Kaguya-hime gives the Emperor the elixir of immortality known as the "jeweled branch of Hourai," and she returns to the moon with the residents who had come to bring her back.