鶴の恩返し The Grateful Crane




Sure, here's the story of in English:"The Grateful Crane"

One day, a young man comes across a crane caught in a net and injured. He decides to help the crane and set it free. A few days later, a beautiful woman visits his home, and they eventually start living together as husband and wife. She suggests that they start weaving cloth to make a living, and this provides them with a comfortable life. However, she sets a condition that the man must never watch her while she is weaving in the room.

Driven by curiosity, the man eventually peeks inside the room to see what is happening while she weaves. To his surprise, he sees the crane he saved earlier, plucking its own feathers to create the beautiful cloth. The crane, now revealed to be the woman, tells the man that she is the crane he saved, and she came to live with him to repay his kindness. Since her true identity has been discovered, she can no longer stay with him. With a farewell, the grateful crane takes flight and leaves the man behind.