Once upon a time, there was a poor farming family living in a remote mountain area. They struggled in their daily lives and often faced difficulties in finding enough food to eat.

One day, while the farmer was cutting wood in the forest, he stumbled upon a small tea kettle. He brought it back home and began using it to boil tea. To his astonishment, hot water started coming out of the kettle, and when he used that water to brew tea, money would appear in the kettle! The farmer and his family were amazed but happily used the money they received.

However, word of the magical tea kettle spread throughout the village. People became eager to obtain the "bunpuku chagama" (the tea kettle of wealth and fortune) to escape their own poverty. As a result, many people started flocking to the farmer's house.

Feeling overwhelmed, the farmer realized that keeping the power of the tea kettle to himself was becoming a problem. He consulted with the village elders and decided to share the bunpuku chagama with the entire village.

A special place was designated within the village where people could take turns using the tea kettle. Whenever someone used it to brew tea, it was said that their wishes would come true.

From that day forward, the people of the village lived happily, helping one another and using the power of the bunpuku chagama to lead prosperous lives.

This story teaches the importance of sharing and cooperation, showing how people can find happiness by helping each other.